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Yellow Rattle Rhinanthus minor

A beautiful wildflower with bright yellow, lipped flowers with inflated calyxes and hooked upper lips.The fruits rattle inside the calyx when ripe. In the wild, this is the foodplant of the larvae of two rare moths, and also attracts bumblebees. Sun. Ht: 30cm (1ft).
Yellow Rattle is an important hemiparasitic wildflower of meadows. The plant gets it sustenance from the surrounding grasses and so keeps down grass growth, thus preventing the grass overwhelming the wildflowers growing in it.
To establish Yellow Rattle in grass create gaps in the sward with exposed soil for the seed to germinate in. Alternatively, sow in pots and plant out when large enough. Sow from September to December, as the seed needs the cold of winter in order to germinate in spring (late February to early March).
Recommended sowing rate:
1g per square metre

Fresh seed collected July 2016

Price: 7.00 for 10g
or 2  for 2g - Available in July