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                                                     SEED SOWING TIPS

Growing from seed can be a very rewarding way of producing plants and will sometimes even give you a completely new variety.
Here are some useful tips on how to increase your success rate:

DO sow seeds when they are fresh but wait until the earliest opportunity that will give the best conditions for successful germination (Cold or warm germinating varieties).

Do use clean seed trays and pots. Fungus can be a major enemy of seedlings.

DO use sterile compost. We recommend a mix of 50% coir and 50% fine vermiculite or perlite but any good quality seed sowing compost should be fine.
Fill seed trays to aprox. 1cm from the top and place in a tray filled with 2cm of water. Allow the water to soak up into your compost filled seed tray until moist.

DO sow thinly and lightly cover with compost, vermiculite, perlite or fine sand/grit.

DO protect from extremes of temperature once germination has occurred.

DO be patient. Keep moist (but not wet) and covered in a cold frame or unheated greenhouse. Seeds can germinate irregularly over a long period, so do not discard seed trays prematurely. We leave our seeds trays for months and are often surprised by how long seeds can take to germinate.

DO NOT leave seedlings for too long before pricking out. They will suffer.

We usually sow our seeds in late January, as many varieties need a cold snap in order to germinate. Bottom heat can then be given to warm germinating varieties, however, unless a subsequent cooling period is needed, why not wait until late March/April. The warmer weather will reduce the need for costly heating.

Individual sowing instructions are provided with each seed packet and BEST SOWN IN advise will depend on when seeds are purchased and the facilities you have. Warm germinating varieties may still need a period of cold prior to sowing so store in a cold place prior to sowing.
We have selected varietes that with a little patience, usually germinate quite easily. Good luck.

Here is a useful link to help you on your way: