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Fox & Cubs - Hieracium aurantiacum

Hardy perennial, also known as Orange Hawkweed.
Clusters of bright fiery orange-red flowers on tall stems springing from a basal rosette of dark green oval, hairy leaves. This is a very good nectar source. Flowering from May to September. Plant in full sun and a well drained soil. Height: 23cm (9 in).

Sow in the spring.
Sow finely and evenly. Cover thinly with compost or grit. Keep moist and covered with temperatures of about 20C (68F). Keep in cooler conditions after germination occurs, usually within 14 days.

Can also be sown outdoors once the soil has warmed, 3mm (1/8 inch)deep in drills 30cm (12 inches)apart in well-cultivated soil which has been raked to a fine tilth.


Price for 30 seeds: 1.50