Echinacea purpurea     ‘Primadonna Deep Rose’

Large, lavender rose daisy-like flowers with a conical brown centre, produced from July to September. Sun

Ht: 30” (80cm) Sp: 18" (45cm)

Price: £6.00




Echinacea purpurea     ‘White Swan’

Large, single white daisy-like flowers with a prominent orange-brown cone-shaped centres, are borne on stout stems in summer. Sun

Ht: 3ft (90cm) Sp: 18" (45cm)

Price: £6.00




Eryngium horridum

Evergreen perennial with numerous green and white spherical flowers in bunches atop branching stems. Long, thin pineapple-like leaves edged with evenly spaced soft thread-like spines. Sun

Ht: 3ft (1m) Sp: 18" (45cm)

Price: £6.50    




Eupatorium purpureum ‘Chocolate’

Clump-forming perennial with dense, terminal heads of white flowers, in late summer and autumn. Dark brownish-green, finely toothed leaves. Very attractive to butterflies. Sun or partial shade

Ht: 4ft (1.2m) Sp: 3ft (1m)

Price: £7.50




Euphorbia cyparissias  ‘Fens Ruby’

Rounded, leafy perennial with a mass of slender, grey leaves and umbels of bright, lime green flowers tipped with ruby-maroon in late spring and early summer. Sun

Ht: 12" (30cm) Sp: 12" (30cm)

Price: £4.50

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