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Dropwort - Filipendula vulgaris

Perennial wildflower closely related to but smaller than meadowsweet. The flowerheads are slightly larger and the lovely creamy-white flowers are clearly tinged red on the outside. Dropwort will withstand drier, limier conditions than its larger relative and is in flower from May to August. It is noted for attracting wildlife, especially bees. Ht: 75cm (30")
Sow indoors in early spring or autumn, at 13-18*C (55-65*F). Alternatively, the seed can also be sown directly where they are to flower in mid to late spring. Use well drained compost and cover to a depth of 3mm (1/8in). When large enough to handle, transplant the seedlings into small pots to grow on. Acclimatise to outdoor conditions for 10-15 days before planting out.

Filipendula vulgaris Dropwort

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